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Juliano Lawnscaping & Stump Grinding offers professional stump grinding service at affordable rates. We are service-oriented, and will treat your lawn as if it were our own. Whether you have one, ten, or fifty stumps, we have the right equipment to get your job done fast and safe, all while protecting the rest of your landscape.

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How does it work?

Our grinder is a specialized piece of machinery designed to grind tree stumps. Our primary objective is to grind the stump down below the surface to a depth that will ensure that new grass can be grown in the area. In conjunction, we offer removal of the remaining wood mulch (a ground up stump creates a lot of mulch!). We can also fill the area with topsoil and replant grass.

Will my lawn get damaged? 

We won't drive a truck or a trailer onto your lawn. Our grinder will arrive on a trailer, and will drive itself off using its own power. It has large tires designed to drive across turf. Depending on soil and weather conditions you may notice some tracks, but we will always be respectful and treat your lawn as if it were our own.

Can the grinder fit through a gate?

Yes. If you have stumps located in a gated area, our machine can fit through a gate opening of 36 inches or larger. 

Do you have pictures?

Of course! Click here to view our stump grinding photo gallery!

What are the benefits of stump removal?

There are many! The first is obvious: tree stumps aren't pretty. They also take up room in your yard and create obstacles to mowing and lawn care. They can damage lawn equipment, and they create a tripping hazard. Finally, as a tree stump decays it attracts various insects, including ants and termites.

What areas do you service?

We service all cities and towns located in Middlesex and New London counties, as well as southern Hartford County and parts of eastern New Haven County.


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